Palm Beach Research Group – Scam or Legit?


The Palm Beach Research Group are an independent research and publishing company, headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida (a “millionaire capital”). The firm’s focus is wealth-building and investment – more specifically, growing and sustaining long-term income. They provide a cornucopia of high-quality, carefully-guarded information on investment and wealth-building. This information is derived through studying the various means in rich the world’s richest people build their fortunes. Another focus of PBRG is putting effort into the research of alternative investment ideas, as well as investment in small, undervalued companies.

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They also have contact with some of the wealthiest and most well-connected people in the world. Despite these connections, it’s worth noting that their money does not come from third parties such as dealers, banks, brokers or even other companies.

Palm Beach Research Group Products

Palm Beach Research Group offers a diverse selection of informative products that focus on wealth-building and creating sustainable, long-term income streams. These include The Palm Beach Letter which is the most popular: it provides financial expertise and investment strategies from Mark Ford and Tom Dyson. Another is Income for Life Premium, a rather unique strategy whereby investors can actually use whole life insurance to create more cash. There’s also the Perpetual Income Program where you can get information about “safe, flexible” retirement savings strategies.

Other products include:

  • Creating Wealth
  • Mega Trends Investing
  • Jump Point Trader
  • Extra Income Project
  • Palm Beach Current Income
  • C.A.P. Cash Flow Strategy
  • Wealth Builders Club
  • Tom’s Confidential

To add to their long list of products is their 2018 “D1 Z Investments & Crypto Master Course”, which covers a range of unique features and information.

The Newest Product 2018 – D1 Z Investments & Crypto Master Course


The Palm Beach Research Group’s newest product is “D1-Z Income Streams”. Essentially, “D1-Z Income Streams” are specific stocks could make you $54,000 a year – or more. The exact stocks are only revealed if you sign up to their system. When you sign up to D1-Z, you’ll also get their monthly investment newsletter, the Palm Beach Letter – which is included in the price. In addition, they provide $3,400 worth of investment books, videos and financial reports.

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PBFG identifies the opportunities to increase income but keeps this information close and provides knowledge to their subscribers. The group deals in high-quality information and data regarding investment: all of which is included in D 1 Z Investments & Crypto Master Course. That’s already a considerable number of features and its clear that they’re putting plenty of energy into it.
Once you’ve signed up for D1 Z, the company will contact you. They then provide a detailed list of the information and products on offer. While much of the high-quality information that they provide isn’t free, it’s worth noting that this is normal when it comes to investment.


For D1 Z Investments & Crypto Master Course, you pay $49 for the first year. This is an introductory price – if you don’t cancel your subscription, you pay $129 per year after that. What’s nice is that after paying the introductory price, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.
The prices for their other products (some of which are included in D1 Z Investments) are as follows:

  • The Palm Beach Letter (1-year subscription): $199
  • Mega Trends Investing: $199 per year
  • Creating Wealth: $199 per year
  • Wealth Builders Club: $2,250
  • Perpetual Income Program: $2,000
  • Palm Beach Current Income: $3,000
  • Extra Income Project: $895
  • C.A.P. Cash Flow Strategy: $1,995
  • Tom’s Confidential: You’ll need to contact the company
  • Income for Life Premium: $1,995
  • Jump Point Trader: $3,000 per year

What makes them different?

The Palm Beach Research Group takes pride in the fact that they are 100% independent. More specifically, this means that their own money doesn’t come from anyone else – even though they have the opportunity to benefit from it. They also go as far as to forbid their editors from investing in any recommendations they have.

PBRG goes beyond simple “investment and stock tips” which are features that other groups and firms provide. They also give information on “living rich”: in other words, understanding how to get the most out of the wealth you accumulate, increase productivity and advice about handling personal finances.

Can we recommend them?

YES! While it’s important to note that investment always has an element of risk, PBRG is a company that is happy to remind its customers of this. This makes them a factual, honest organization. It is not the integrity alone that convinces us, rather the quality of their advice and the extra effort put into going above and beyond what’s needed.

Their D1 Z Investment & Crypto Master Course may also be new, but it incorporates older tried-and-true elements for a lower price. For all of these reasons, the Palm Beach Research Group is worth the investment.

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