Can you think of anything worse than crashing stocks? We’re pretty sure Jeff Bishop can – because he seems to revel in them! What looks like an absolute nightmare for most traders is a golden opportunity for Jeff. What’s more, he’s on the ball each and every day. Examining the stocks and taking full advantage of them.

The Beauty of Options teaches us Jeff’s main strategy – but that’s not all he’s got up his sleeve. For the serious trader (beginner or advanced) there’s a whole lot more.

Who is Jeff Bishop?

Let’s backtrack for a moment and introduce Jeff Bishop, if you don’t know him already. He has been trading stocks and options for over 20 years. This has amassed him the millions he has now. In addition, he’s the founder of several popular trading platforms: among them He’s also the driving force behind Jason Bond Picks.

Jeff’s specialization is ETFs and options. What’s unusual is his disciplined approach to trading. It’s this disciplined approach, however, that has led him down many paths of success.

What does he offer?

Jeff Bishop has created and gathered a plethora of resources. These resources and training materials focus on his expert advice. Anyone who wants to learn trading, improve their skills and successfully make money will find his work and courses invaluable. That brings us to one of his most popular features, “The Beauty of Options”.

The focus is on making money from crashing stocks. It sounds crazy, but there’s a method to the apparent madness. In “The Beauty of Options”, readers will…

  • Learn Jeff’s primary technique which he uses daily. It’s this technique that he uses to increase “maximum opportunity”.
  • In conjunction with this, readers receive a heads-up on what he calls a “Money Pattern”… how to recognize it and how to act upon it!
  • Crash course in understanding risk and trading management. 
  • A walk-through of 7 real money trades.
  • …and of course, big wins from big losers. Essentially, learning how to cash in when the stocks are crashing all around you!

BONUS: If you make it to the end of the course, you’ll get a free copy of Jeff’s book, “Become an Options Pro in 30 Days” (valued at $297.00).

That’s not all. The Weekly Money Multiplier is the true gem of Jeff Bishop’s technique is the place where you can really get down to business – and start making money. If you sign up for Weekly Money Multiplier, you’ll get:

  • A video library filled with lessons taught by Jeff Bishop. Whether you’re an advanced trader or only beginning, it’s well worth it.
  • Jeff offers real-time trade alerts. You’ll get a text message, so you’ll see what Jeff is doing throughout the day.
  • You can even watch his trades in real time. This is probably where you’ll get the closest guarantee to making money: by watching Jeff trade and then making those same trades.

Is it worth the price?

As you can see, Jeff Bishop has quite a lot of expertise and knowledge to share. A significant chunk of this can be found in his free webinar, The Beauty of Options. Beyond that, he has a host of other materials around stocks and trading. Whether you’re a beginner or trying to improve your skills (and profits), what he offers is a veritable cornucopia of information. 

Is it worth the price? If we were to talk solely about the time you invest in his free webinar… We would absolutely say yes. Knowledge is knowledge – and this is very valuable knowledge at that. But the add-ons (which you have to pay for) can offer you a very safe and informed path to making a profit. You can literally follow what Jeff is doing throughout the day, cashing in on the same options he is.

So, if you’re willing to pay for extra trade alerts (which we would HIGHLY recommend)… Then you likely won’t be disappointed. A daily overview of what this trader does each and every won’t just allow you to learn from the best. You can literally follow the same path and benefit from the profits.


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