Interested in making money as a day or swing trader? It definitely requires time, research and a lot of analysis. For anyone who’s just starting out, it can seem intimidating. That’s where Jason Bond Picks comes to the rescue. Created by day and swing-trader Jason Bond, this package is for anyone who wants to understand more about the practice – and how to grow their net worth.

Essentially, it provides education, stock research, analysis and stock picking.

Wait… Who is Jason Bond?

Before going further, you may want a little background on Jason Bond. A former teacher, he gave up his job in 2011 to become a full-time penny stock trader. Day and swing-trading of small-cap stocks (usually priced between $1 and $10) are his specialization. It means he doesn’t normally hold a stock for more than a few days.

Jason Bond Picks essentially sums up the experience and knowledge he’s gathered over the years. The aim is to help others get into the game. 

Jason Bond Picks – A breakdown

Jason Bond Picks actually offers a range of different subscription programs. The “best” one really depends on what you’re looking for. In total, it offers a range of diverse features, so it’s really up to the subscriber to make the call as to which is the best for them. 

These subscriptions are as follows:

  • The Millionaire Roadmap: This subscription plan is a roadmap “for serious traders” interested in accelerating their profits. It combines all features of Jason Bond’s products and is the most expensive at $9,999 a year.
  • Long-Term Trading: This program is designed for “working professionals without time to day or swing trade”. It’s designed to provide information on several open long-term trades every week and a watch list of carefully-chosen stocks from Jason himself. It costs $1,999 a year.
  • Day & Swing Trading: For “greedy, trigger-happy traders and working professionals”. Essentially, anyone who is looking for profitable day and swing trading opportunities. Billed at $399 a year.

The Millionaire Roadmap is the most comprehensive plan and offers features like personalized mentorship from Jason Bond himself. In addition, subscribers get access to other mentors on his team: Jeff Bishop, Petra Hass and Alan Marshall to name a few. In addition, subscribers can access a monitored chat room (the program’s most popular feature) to discuss current trades, catalysts, charts, best entries and exits.

Long-Term Trading costs a bit less but still contains a variety of good features. Members of this program receive 3-7 open long-term trades each week. Included are email and text alerts and a “watch list” of stocks carefully chosen by Jason.

Day and Swing Trading is the least expensive. It’s all about helping you make money without you having to sit in front of your computer all day, watching the market rise and fall. You get 10 weekly swing alerts on stocks under $10, a daily watch list and all entries and exits in real time via text. It also provides full access to the Education Suite, which is a host of training materials and videos (but no personalized mentorship).

Is it worth the price?

With three subscription plans to choose from, there’s enough for you to pick and choose depending on what you need. Are you just interested in picking the most profitable stocks? Or do you want to learn more and be taught by experts in the field? Even if you choose Day and Swing Trading, you still get access to a range of educational materials that can help you increase your profits.

Since stock trading involves a lot of analysis and watching the market, most people may find themselves too busy to devote that much time to it. Having some of this work done for you is definitely a big help and, in this sense, it can definitely be worth the price.

Some people have called Jason Bond Picks a scam since it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. However, that seems to be the only “scam-like” feature and even then, the amount of knowledge, training and information you get for the price could be considered worthwhile.


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