Earning extra income is a hot topic… And understandably so. While there are many ways of creating extra money for yourself, the most favorable one is the “set and forget” system. It simply means putting a bit of work and energy into it at the start and then letting it go. Such a system could let you earn money while you sleep.

Of course, many people question the reality of the “set and forget” method. It’s understandable as these methods seem too good to be true up there with “get rich quick schemes”. However, this is a method that Teeka Tiwari’s D1-z Income Streams proposes.

D1-z Income Streams Presentation

The Company Behind D1-z Income Streams

The Palm Beach Research Group is an independent company that focuses on providing financial and investment advice about the stock market and cryptocurrencies. The company distributes this advice through programs and newsletters – how to invest on a large range of different platforms. In addition, PBRG has a pool of highly-skilled and experienced editors who all have their own area of expertise.

The editor behind D1-z Income Stream is none other than cryptocurrency expert and analyst Mr. Teeka Tiwari, an already widely-respected crypto investment giant.

The Product – What Is D1-z Income Streams?


D1-z Income Streams is one of the latest products that the Palm Beach Research Group offers to potential investors. Quite a number of people already claim that it works, at least according to the testimonials we saw written on their website. Unfortunately, there appears to be very little information on what the product actually contains unless you sign up for it. For some, this could be considered a major red flag.


However, we looked closely at the bits and pieces of information surrounding the offer to deduce what it could be. From what we could gather, “D1-z Income Streams” are various stocks that are worth checking into. Apparently, it’s possible to make $54,000 per year or even more. Aided by expert advice, customers receive a package which also includes a couple of other products that the Palm Beach Research Group offers separately.

One of these products is the Palm Beach Letter (a monthly newsletter also edited by Teeka Tiwari). In addition, subscribers get 43 financial reports, book and videos. According to PBRG, these are worth $3,400.
What’s the real opportunity behind this?

D1-z Income Streams Presentation

First of all, the Palm Beach Research Group is primarily offering investment advice with their D1-z Income Streams product. As a group of researchers, they strive to deliver information and investment data to their subscribers. This in turn provides subscribers with sound information and guidance upon which to make smart decisions that could potentially increase their income.
Unlike a lot of other investment plans, however, there’s a catch. You cannot recruit others and earn commissions.

What’s our verdict on D1-z Income Streams?

We wouldn’t strictly describe D1-z Income Streams as a “money making program”. However, since it offers advice on making money and increasing your income, it does raise a few red flags. After all, Palm Beach Research Group is not the only business out there offering this type of product. However, thanks to their proven track record (and experienced investors like Teeka Tiwari), they do offer sound advice.

Still, it’s important to be aware of a few things before you subscribe to anything.

Before getting started, be aware that the products they offer in addition to Income Streams are upsells. It may seem suspicious, but these are totally normal. Selling a letter at $49 is a starting price for all new subscribers or an added bonus if you purchase one of their products. The Research Group will also contact you once you give your contact information.

You can expect higher price tags on certain products. Bear in mind that this type of information isn’t free. In addition, this company has a solid and proven track record. So naturally, such a price should be expected.

Also keep in mind that introductory prices are introductory. The annual price is $129.00, but you also receive a 60-day money-back guarantee. As of yet, no one seems to have had any problems when it comes to getting a refund if they need it. Other issues have been found online with their other products, however times change and this company seems quite good at upholding and honoring their agreements.

D1-z Income Streams Presentation

There is another red flag you may want to be aware of. The Palm Beach Research Group claims they are not able to offer individual investment advice. It can very much seem like a contradictory statement, since they are offering this to individuals. Bear in mind though, the line between “groups” and “individual” can be quite thin. The advice they offer is something of a “one size fits all” mentality. However, as an investor you should be doing your own research as well. You take the information and see how it applies to you.

If you’re looking for a “set and forget” system… D1-z Income Streams is there to point you in the right direction. Ultimately, it is up to you to make the call – so essentially, Palm Beach Research Group is there to give you the right guidance which can be a huge benefit. Remember, also: no matter how good the advice is, this is investment. You may still very well lose out. There’s always an element of risk and this is not the fault of your advisor. Ultimately, you’re taking a gamble but getting top-level advice is the surest way to help you navigate this seemingly volatile world. And who better to get it from than someone who has upheld a proven track record for decades and a prominent financial wiz?

D1-z Income Streams Presentation


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