Where can I buy Ripple?

There are basically two ways to buy Ripple (XRP), i. e. the digital currency of the network and company of the same name. You can either buy Ripple directly, or you can exchange another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for Ripple. In the following you will find information and some advice on how to buy Ripple. In addition, we will briefly discuss another opportunity for benefitting from Ripple’s price devolepment without buying “real” Ripples, and that is trading in CFDs.

Buy Ripple directly on Bitpanda

   Bitpanda offers an easy way to buy Ripple directly. On the Bitpanda website you must first create a user account and then verify it via your webcam and with your ID card. Bitpanda offers a range of payment options to fund your account: instant or traditional bank transfers, credit cards, Neteller, Skrill and Giropay. Once you have made a payment into your account, you can start and buy Ripple or another cryptocurrency of your choice.

Buy Ripple on Binance

The other method of getting Ripple is to exchange it for another cryptocurrency. A good place for this is the crypto exchange Binance. To register at Binance, all you need is an email address to which Binance will send a confirmation link. To get Ripple into your account on Binance, you have to send cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum from a wallet or another crypto exchange to Binance and then trade them there for Ripple.

Can I buy Ripple on Coinbase?

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Although Coinbase is one of the most important crypto exchanges, Ripple cannot yet be traded there. The problem is that Ripple as a company behind the currency Ripple/XRP is not decentralized, while decentralized control is usually a trademark of cryptocurrencies.

Can I buy Ripple on Kraken?


Like Coinbase, Kraken is one of the largest crypto exchanges, and on Kraken you can buy Ripple directly or exchange it for other digital currencies. However, there have been issues with the performance of the Kraken website in the past, so that some users might want to use an exchange like Bitpanda instead.

Can I buy Ripple on eToro?

On eToro you can buy “real” Ripples and not just CFDs in cryptocurrencies, which is incorrect information that you can find in some places. And one of the methods to fund your account on eToro is Paypal. With an eToro account, you therefore have an easy way to buy Ripple with Paypal.

However, there is a significant limitation to the use on eToro. You can trade your cryptocurrencies on the platform, also using the special feature that eToro offers, i. e. automatically copying the transactions of the best traders there. However, you cannot send these cryptocurrencies to another trading platform or your own wallet outside the exchange. But even with this limitation, eToro is an interesting place for anyone interested in Ripple, especially when it comes to simply trading with the cryptocurrency.